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Is the umbrella for Bio-Cycle Sports & Bio-Cycle Wellness, 2 brands that offer sport products and wellness benefits to both athletes and the general public.


     Is a page that shares my passion for the sport of cycling. Directing my own Master’s team for the past 2 years I quickly realized that it is the sponsors that allow us to keep doing what we love and that’s racing our bikes! In return we share our sponsors by showcasing their product on our website with discounts codes (when applicable) to the public that can then buy direct from them allowing us to give back to our sponsors in more than one way.  (More brands to come 2020)

I personally represent a brand that specializes in custom kits for clubs and race teams both Road and Triathlon we even manufacturer Mtn bike apparel! The brand is known as ALÉ (pronounced Aaah-Lay). Based out of ITALY they have a rich history and hold their place as a premier apparel manufacturer in Europe . ALÉ has started to make waves in the U.S. and manufactures for Pro Level teams such as Movistar in Europe.

Bio-Cycle is also a brand ambassador for BikeLegal firm, Attorneys for Injured Cyclists. We also operate a big team bus that can be reserved for weekend remote rides or SAG support, and this service is 100% complimentary if your club does business with me or the brand ALÉ  So between our ability to connect teams with quality Italian custom apparel provide discounts on all things cycling and offer free SAG support or weekend remote rides to your club there is truly no reason to not belong to this this amazing network we call BIO-CYCLE WORKS.

So for now .
Cheers, and remember to Always Enjoy the Ride.
Augustine Gonzalez.



      Focuses on sharing the BEMER TECHNOLOGY a class 1 medical device currently being used by 1000’s worldwide it has a proven track record for the wellness attributes that the technology brings to the forefront. Besides the sharing of the device to individuals, conjointly we focus on our ability to place and build-out BEMER lounges for companies as part of their wellness protocol for 1 very important reason.

Reason #1 Is our ability to share it with a much broader group all at once why share it individually when we can share it with a company that may have 100’s employees using the technology on a daily basis while on break or lunch period ? BEMER is very  sophisticated technology that currently has 5 World patents and is the only PEMF unit of its kind to have a signed 3year contract with NASA Space technologies for use and research. Top Dr’s and cardiologist around the world are using and sharing this very same technology.

For sports the NFL and the top- level MMA fighters along with many Pro Level Athletes from tennis to triathlon, Race Across America, Soccer teams and many more are using BEMER for recovery and athletic enhancement. 

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About Workwise Wellness

Leading a team to produce tailored Employee Health & Benefits Fairs for hundreds of HR Clients, Companies, Brokers, Municipalities, School Districts, Universities and Tech companies since 2011. Providing a variety of on-site screenings, interactive demos, healthy food/beverages, raffle prizes and much more. With our streamlined process, we will work closely with you to produce an innovative, informative and interactive employee health and benefits fair. Only qualified, in-network medical and health professionals are selected in your community. Let us produce a quality event to help your workforce achieve mental acuity, boost employee morale, reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

Please connect with me to learn how our team can coordinate your next Employee Health & Benefits Fair tailored to your workforce demographic. www.WorkWiseWellness.com 

Meet Our Team

Augustine Gonzalez

Founder of Bio-Cycle Works, Wellness, & Sports
Independent Bemer Distributor -US41800

Dr. Sherri Foxworthy, P.h.D.

Forensic Pathology, UCLA
Co-founder Bio-Cycle Wellness

Joseph Keo

Corporate Health & Benefits Fair Coordinator